By Olivia Bahou
Dec 19, 2016 @ 1:00 pm

Jennifer Lawrence may have won an Oscar, but there’s a different moment that told her she had made it in show business, and it involves Paul Rudd.

During the Season 1 finale of Chelsea, Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show, the Passengers star said that the moment she knew she had “achieved what [she] set out to do” was after a comment from the funnyman. “When Paul Rudd told me that he thought we would always be friends. I was like, when people look back and wonder what happened, when she changed, when it all got destroyed, will be right here at this moment,” she joked. “Because I have always looked at Paul Rudd and thought we would be friends.”

Lawrence, who wore a leopard-print Roberto Cavalli jacket for the episode from Friday night, also told Handler about her start in the biz—including moving to New York City at age 14. “How did you get your parents to agree to let you do that?” the host asked.

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“I was just really obsessed with it. I think I talked about it enough and broke them down enough that they were like, ‘OK, we need to prove to her that she’s no good,’” she joked. “And so they mapped out a summer that would be my ‘Come to Jesus.’ And then I got a sitcom in L.A.”

And the rest is history. Watch Lawrence’s hilarious (as always) interview at top and catch the full episode on Netflix.