Credit: Joey Andrew/; Neckless by Elsa Peretti

There’s nothing exceptionally fashionable about basics, but when done right, classic pieces are the only way to go.

Just look at Jennifer Lawrence, who hit up the streets of New York City on Wednesday and made waves (look at all the fans in the blurry background!) in nothing more than black skinny jeans and a white ribbed tank. Of course, we’re talking about an Oscar-winning actress that can make anything look like couture, but still.

Lawrence accessorized it up with black leather platform sandals, a matching mid-size bag, and dark-tinted sunglasses. The moneymaker, however, was her hard-to-miss Elsa Peretti necklace. Peretti is not only an Italian jewelry designer, but a former ‘70s-era model whose look is so fantastically chic she even has her own collection with Tiffany & Co.

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It’s because of the dangling, knotted gold necklace that Lawrence made what otherwise could have been an ordinary look reach extraordinary levels. Seriously, that necklace could be worn to a gala, a wedding, dinner with your in-laws, even a red carpet.

Way to work it, girl.