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Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's press tour for their upcoming film Passengers, has given us plenty of amazing moments from the pair, including Pratt's ongoing social media prank where he crops Lawrence out of every photo he posts of the two of them, and the time they tried to out-insult each other on a BBC talk show.

Another recent press stop, however, went slightly awry when one of the hosts from the Australian radio show, KIIS Summer Fling, got a little too personal with the actors. "Your characters have sex on the kitchen table," said one of the show's hosts, Sophie Monk. "What's the most adventurous place you've had sex?" she asked.

Pratt was quick to answer, "airplane," but Monk wanted more details, asking him how he got the right "angle," to which he jokingly replied, "I hung from the ceiling from my feet, like a bat." Monk asked Lawrence the same question, but her answer was a little less risqué: "I like being safe," she said. "That's what really turns me on."

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The two hosts laughed along with the stars, clearly completely oblivious to the fact that they weren't too happy with the question. "You've made this so awkward, Sophie," said co-host Matty Acton. "What kind of question is that? What are you doing?" By the time the radio hosts turned their attention back to the stars, they were already off the phone.

"Sophie, what did you do?" Acton moaned. "I didn't do anything," she replied, defending herself. "We ran out of time and I wasted good time on stupid questions, that's what I did ... I just wanted the good stuff," she added. "Who wants to know boring things?"

Lawrence and Pratt were clearly not having it with the hosts, as they didn't even give a sign off or a goodbye before hanging up. Listen to the interview below, which starts around the 40-minute mark, with the question of the hour at the 48-minute mark.