By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Nov 03, 2017 @ 10:30 am

When Jimmy Kimmel had to step away from his show on Thursday night, he called in the perfect replacement: Jennifer Lawrence. The actress may not be a full-time talk show host, but she could have fooled us with her wit and interviewing savvy (her chat with Kim Kardashian West is particularly hilarious).

While there's no question in our minds that Lawrence is as A-list as you can get, people on the streets of Hollywood might feel a little differently. For part of the show, Lawrence took to the streets to talk with random passerbys, and when she asked them if they could name five movies she's been in, they were more keen to talk about Chris Pratt and Jennifer Aniston.

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"You're in the space one with the hot guy" one person guessed, referring to her movie Passengers, which she costarred in with Pratt.

Credit: VCG via Getty

"Yeah, the one hot guy," Lawrence confirmed. Things didn't get much better for the actress from there. Not one random person she talked to could name five movies. A trolley full of people managed to get three, but that was as close as it came.

One person even brought up Jennifer Aniston as a favorite actress instead, which caused Lawrence to joke about it.

“Yes, Jennifer Aniston is way better than Jennifer Lawrence, do you agree?" she said to the nodding person. "Yeah. Much better. Prettier, funnier, better movies overall.”

Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel Live's own Guillermo Rodriguez came to the rescue. While he isn't random, he was able to name five of her movies with ease, and for that, we give him major props. Watch the video of Lawrence's interviews above, and see how many of her movies you can name off the top of your head.