Barefoot Jennifer Lawrence Catches Ride on Hunky Rumored Boyfriend

According to the Internet, there’s a myriad of beautifully disgusting infections humans can contract from walking barefoot. Among them: Hookworm, athlete’s foot, tetanus, and other super fun and fabulous things that can morph into fungus ... you get the picture.

But when you’re rich, famous, and in love, who cares about cleanliness, right? That's the case for Jennifer Lawrence, who on Wednesday night reminded us of why the internet's obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence: she’s quirky, relatable, and funny AF. That said, we're not surprised that she's not against going barefoot in the concrete jungle. After all, J.Law’s got a history of letting her toes run wild in public.

Jennifer Lawrence

This time, the actress was photographed getting home to her New York apartment while piggybacking her rumored new man, art gallerist Cooke Maroney. Look, we’re not the shoe police. Lawrence can do as she pleases, and if someone were to offer to carry our shoes and quite literally sweep us off our feet, we’d be down.

All we’re saying is simple: if you’re gonna go barefoot, just make sure you’re head over heels.

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