Jennifer Lawrence Got in a Bar Fight and Poured Beer All Over a Fan

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While it seems like running into a drunk Jennifer Lawrence in a bar would make for an epically fun night out, one guy had his day ruined when he asked for a selfie with the Mother! star—and then insulted her for denying him a pic. “I got in a bar fight. I got in a real bar fight,” Lawrence told Seth Meyers on his show Thursday night, delving into the altercation that happened when she was filming in Budapest.

“We were at a bar. It was beer night, and we had a ton of beers. We were all drinking,” she explained. “I was drunk and this guy asked me for a selfie and I was like, ‘No, thank you. No.’ And he was like, ‘Please, my girlfriend will never believe me.’ And my friend was like, ‘If your girlfriend won’t believe you then she’s not the one.’”

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“And so we were like, ‘Just go away.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, well f— you.’ And then I just, I don’t know, something in me just snapped—it couldn’t have been the alcohol. And I was like, ‘Did you just say f— you to me? Did you just say f— you to me?’ And I like grabbed him, I took beers and I started dousing them all over him,” Lawrence described. “I started pouring beers all over his suitcase.”

But luckily someone stopped her with some rational thought before the fight went any further. “My friend Chris came up, grabbed me from behind, and he goes, ‘Don’t waste beer. Don’t waste beer.’ And I instantly relaxed. I was like, ‘Of course. What was I thinking?’” the actress joked.

Watch the clip above to see that the story is actually even funnier when J.Law tells it herself.

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