Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Have a New Famous BFF

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer’s friendship is the stuff of Hollywood dreams, obvs. Groundbreaking comedian meets quirky A-lister with a need to speak her mind; they quickly form an indomitable bond, go jet skiing together, and exchange tons of inside jokes about Bradley Cooper (probably). Who wouldn’t watch that movie?

Anyway, it seems that J.Law and Amy’s tight-knit crew just expanded.

On Sunday, Amy Schumer posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “Sisters.”

Since the Inside Amy Schumer star posts photos of her actual sister, Kim Caramele, quite often, the caption didn’t seem out of place, but then we took a closer look, and—no siblings in sight!

Instead, Schumer is caught in an embrace with Lawrence and fellow actor Woody Harrelson.

We knew Lawrence and Harrelson were close (The Hunger Games!), but we had no clue Schumer was part of the fun.

Does this meeting have anything to do with the “passion-y project” that Lawrence and Schumer are working on together? After all, the stars are playing sisters in the film. Could this mean Woody Harrelson is set to take on the role of oddball dad? We’re ready to line up for tickets now.

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