Jennifer Hudson on Her Role in Smash: "It's All Glamour: Full-On Hair!"

Jennifer Hudson Smash
Photo: Eric Liebowitz/NBC

InStyle caught up with Oscar winner, singer, and all-around renaissance woman Jennifer Hudson inside our Sundance Film Festival lounge, where she took a break from promoting her starring role as addict Gloria in The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete to talk about her other big new role: that of ultra-diva Veronica on NBC's Smash. "You know what’s funny is that I actually filmed these projects at the same time, and they are so opposite," Hudson told "I’m going from this huge, drastic, glamour girl, full-on hair, full-on makeup, sequin dresses, heels, huge lights, and stages—to being Gloria the next day." The show comes back Tuesday, February 5 at 9/8c—tune in to catch Hudson in action underneath Broadway's bright lights!

Plus, see Jennifer's Hollywood transformation!

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