Jennifer Grey Knows the Power of a Cool Pair of Cut-offs

To celebrate summer, we’re asking the season’s most iconic superstars to share their warm-weather secrets. Here, actress Jennifer Grey makes a case for Baby's timeless denim cut-offs in Dirty Dancing.

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What’s interesting about my character Baby’s style [in 1987’s Dirty Dancing] is that she arrives on her vacation with a suitcase full of clothes that mirror who she is at that point—a good girl who’s kind of hiding—and we had to work within that suitcase to show her coming-of-age and burgeoning sexuality.

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So her outfits begin to reflect a kind of independence, but none of them is in your face; her look is sexy without trying too hard.

The shorts in the movie were mine, and I’m pretty sure they were Levi’s because that’s all I wore. I’m obsessed with Levi’s and love how the brand keeps current but also stays true to the classics. And I think jean shorts are still the cutest things in the world.

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Re/Done x Levi’s shorts, $194;

But now I see my daughter, who’s 16, and her friends wear them, and I’m like, “I love those shorts, but please do not let your ass hang out of the back of them!” That’s just gilding the lily to me. You’ve got a great butt, you’ve got a great pair of shorts, your legs look amazing—we don’t need to see the bottom half of your butt cheeks.

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