Jennifer Garner Conquered a Big Fear For Her Upcoming Movie

Saying yes to everything has a downside.

Jennifer Garner showed some serious dedication to her latest role.

The actress tackled a terrifying ride on a Six Flags roller coaster for her latest film Yes Day, and took to Instagram to document it all – throughout all the trepidation, at that.

And even though she was obviously having trouble dealing with the Six Flags coaster, Jen made the experience a funny one, as she often does.

"This is me on a rollercoaster called Twisted Colossus. I’m having a great time," she said in the clip, as she couldn't contain her laughter. She held friend Jenna Ortega's hand in a death grip as they tackled the coaster for a scene.

"I’m riding with Jenna Ortega who is a nervous wreck and I’m really comforting her." The pair are seen going down the first hill of the coaster as Jenna is giggling and enjoying herself while Jen looks like she's fearing for her life.

"As you can see, I call her Jenna over and over when her character’s name is Katie. I don’t really believe in being in character, I like to live in the moment," Garner joked throughout the rest of the clip. "As you can see I’ve had dental work recently and I’m really pleased with the results. I don’t mind at all going upside down."

Jen continued narrating her ride through the very end, with one hilarious comment after another.

"Shooting #YesDay at #SixFlagsMagicMountain is a dream come true. Unless you hate roller coasters. #Icried #twistedcolossus," she captioned her post. "@jennaortega and @julianlerner have ice in their veins. Thank you for looking after me. I love you guys."

The roller coaster scene was part of Yes Day's story, as it relates to parents taking an entire day of saying only "yes" to things their children ask them. Jen give her own kids one of these every so often, but we have to wonder...does she ever give in to roller coaster requests?

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