Wait, Does Jennifer Garner Want to Be Meghan Markle, Too?

If we're getting technical, Jennifer Garner has been in the public eye for years (well, decades) longer than Meghan Markle. But just like the rest of us, it appears she couldn't help but get swept up in the royal fever.

Jen Garner Meghan Markle Fashion
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You might be thinking, "but Jennifer Garner, award-winning actress, mother and star of the archetypal rom-com of the early aughts, 13 Going On 30, is too busy to get caught up in the madness that is the Meghan Markle effect." And we'd be inclined to agree given all that's going on in her life — from finalizing her divorce and supporting ex Ben Affleck as he enters rehab, to promoting her upcoming film, Peppermint.

But that said, we do have some pretty solid evidence that not even Garner is immune to Markle fever. Because damn it, don't we all want to be a Duchess?

Allow us to present our case.

Jen Garner Meghan Markle Fashion - Embed - 1
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Exhibit A: Here, we see the 46-year-old at the unveiling of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during a ceremony last week. Note the navy Roland Mouret dress she's wearing with the the bateau neckline and asymmetrical hemline. It's charming, sophisticated ... one might even say, regal. Do you see where we're going with this?

Yep, Markle also wore this exact same navy number back in May, on the day before her royal wedding to Prince Harry. Twins!

Jen Garner Meghan Markle Fashion - Embed - 3
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Exhibit B: The Garner/Markle crossover isn't just happening for fancier occasions. Even their daytime looks are suspiciously similar. Note their taste in denim.

On the left, we see Garner out and about in Los Angeles wearing Mother Denim's The Looker style ($228, shop here), featuring a slash at the knee (you know, for when you need to air out a single knee cap). Practical. And then, on the right, we see the Duchess herself also wearing the same style almost a year earlier at the Invictus Games. Ah, those were simpler times, when she and Harry were just dating.

Jen Garner Meghan Markle Fashion - Embed - 2
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Exhibit C: And finally, the clincher. While this last look from Garner seems innocuous enough (an LBD for a red carpet premiere is pretty standard for a movie star) upon closer inspection, there is indeed a royal connection.

The satin high-low single-shoulder gown by Narciso Rodriguez is called — wait for it — the Duchess. Are you not riveted?!

Now, this could all be a coincidence. After all, these looks are hardly groundbreaking or particularly idiosyncratic. But nonetheless, we'd like to say that Jen is sending us the message we knew all along: She's basically royalty.

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