Jennifer Garner's Hilarious Video About Needing Marie Kondo's Help Is So Relatable

If you spent all weekend engrossed in the calming, dulcet tones of Marie Kondo's Netflix series, you're not alone. Jennifer Garner's obsessed, too, and instead of just thinking about buying dozens of boxes to put inside other boxes, she actually started cleaning up. She documented it all in an Instagram post, but there was a suspicious amount of Invisalign involved, so was it sponsored content or legitimate decluttering?

People reports that Garner's junk drawer contained the usual suspects. Well, if the usual suspects include a rain hood, trinkets, and a pair of Silken Mist pantyhose from Leggs — minus the egg packaging. She's also got belts. A lot of belts.

"Is this a rain bonnet?" Garner asks before slipping the hood on. "Legit. Is it?"

Jennifer Garner
Foc Kan/Getty Images

The hosiery may have been the first brand name to be dropped, but more followed. Garner pulled out an Invisalign trinket before slathering on some no-name lip balm that was also in the vast recesses of the drawer. But then, she pulls out an Invisalign-branded PopSocket, raising eyebrows and perhaps sparking some rumors about branded content in Garner's junk.

"Why?" she asks nobody in particular. "Why do I have it? I don't know."

To Garner's credit, there are plenty of Ziplock bags in the drawer, too, and all those cords and cables that don't get shoutouts. So, if she is doing the whole #sponcon thing, she's still learning the ropes. But if she's simply tidying up like the rest of us have been doing since January 1, the day Kondo and Netflix blessed everyone with the new series, she's got Kondo's method on lockdown.

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"@MarieKondo — I'm all about it," Garner wrote with the video, adding the hashtags, #doubloonssparkjoy #junkdrawer and #canyoucomeover." Garner's no stranger to hanging with heavy hitters. Sure, she rubs shoulders with A-listers on the regular, but can those stars boast hangs with Ina Garten? It's only a matter of time before Garner and Kondo meet IRL for some professional tidying.

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