Sorry, Jennifer Garner Is Better at Jumping Rope Than You

How's your double-under?

When it comes to fitness, Jennifer Garner is not playing around.

The 47-year-old actress took to Instagram with a quick video clip showing off her prowess with jump rope. She made a series of next level rope maneuvers look ridiculously easy as she started with your "standard" jumps and gradually introduced more intermediate moves.

Garner is clad in an all-black workout ensemble in the video, with a matching tank top and leggings, her hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail as she goes from regular, pedestrian jumps into "double-under," which means you need to turn the rope itself twice below your feet every time you jump.

It's not exactly a breeze to do, especially if you're not a seasoned jump rope vet. But learning to do it can net you some serious fitness points.

"And then, she napped." Garner captioned her quick little inspirational fitness video. No one's going to blame you for taking a quick breather after that display, Jen!

Much of Jen's prowess when it comes to jumping rope can be owed to some of the training she underwent when preparing for her role in the action flick Peppermint. While working to get ready for that film, she trained alongside Simone De La Rue of Body by Simone to get in tip-top condition. She came out on the other side fit as a fiddle – fitness goals, honestly.

Jen was working six days a week for one or two hours at a time per session, which is likely where she learned how to work those fancy jump rope skills. Hey, she's already better at being a boss babe, acting, and making fashion look easy than the rest of us – why not add jumping rope to that equation?

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