Jennifer Garner and Ina Garten are rubbing elbows, giving their fans plenty to be jealous of. But not only are the two of them having a great time, they're doing it at In-N-Out, complete with burgers and fries, making it the perfect way to spend any minute of any day. People reports that the dynamic duo celebrated the end of Garten's book tour by taking in a meal at the SoCal institution.

"Only the best for my friend," Garten captioned her Instagram post. "Dinner at @innout after my show in Costa Mesa, CA!! What a fun way to wrap up my fall book tour!"

In the past, Garten's stated that the only fast food that she eats is In-N-Out. That's pretty difficult since she lives in the Hamptons and the chain only has locations in California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and Texas. Location isn't the only reason, either: Garten said that her hero, Julia Child, also said that her fast food of choice was In-N-Out. She confirmed it when Comments By Celebs spied a fan asking whether or not Garten took her burger Animal Style.

"Of course!! So did Julia Child!" she responded.

This is just the latest get-together between the two buddies. Garner appeared on Garten's Food Network Thanksgiving special, Cook Like a Pro, where the two whipped up sweet potato pudding together. Before that, Garten attended one of Garner's birthday celebrations.

'Somewhere along the line I found out that she liked my cookbooks and my TV show, so I asked if we could cook together," Garten told People. "She was very sweet she invited me to her birthday party. It was all girls in swimsuits — it was so Jennifer! It was so fun and not fancy, which is what she's like."