Jennifer Garner and Her Cat Produced the Best Quarantine Video We've Seen

A true emotional rollercoaster. 

Jennifer Anne Garner is one of our world’s few pure joys. She acts; she advocates; she parents; she folds laundry; she drinks wine; she pushes her cat in a stroller.


Jennifer Garner Cat Walk

This very beautiful and floofy kitty also plays a memorable role in Garner’s latest social media ~moment~. In a video montage Garner shared on Monday night, seemingly hours after an earlier stroll with said cat in said stroller, the actress sorts laundry in a large room that appears to be dedicated to laundry and its sorting. It’s OK, she can have nice things. The Alias star pulses to the beat of Daði Freyr's “Think About Things,” changing outfits and moving about the upsettingly large room. At one point she’s holding the floof, and then, suddenly, the floof has taken a tumble. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. And, like many emotional rollercoasters, this one ends with its rider sipping a generous glass of red wine:

Her cat is probably fine. The feline has its own stroller — we doubt they are missing necessary medical attention. More importantly, who directed this cinematic work of art? Is this a Violet Affleck original? Is this her Argo?? (Just kidding, it’s better.)

If you're craving more Garner content, please visit Amazon Prime and stream her greatest work: Alias.

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