In case you weren’t aware, Jennifer Garner has a new man in her life — and things are reportedly getting serious.

Just a couple weeks after finalizing her divorce from fellow actor Ben Affleck, the 46-year-old actress has coupled up with 40-year-old businessman John Miller, who she’s been reportedly been dating for the past six months.

But, just who is John Miller? In addition to having one of the most difficult-to-Google names out there, here are 5 things we know about her new beau.

Jennifer Garner John Miller
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1. He’s an accomplished businessman:

According to his company website, John is the CEO and chairman of Cali Group, a holding company that he founded in 2011 which owns Miso Robotics and 50 CaliBurger restaurants located around the globe. He graduated from Stanford Law School, was previously employed at Arrowhead and authored The Handbook of Nanotechnology Business, Policy, and Intellectual Property Law. You know, some light nanomaterials reading.

Business Insider also reports that his company is leading the charge to replace human workers with robots at the CaliBurger restaurant chain, which has been noted for its aesthetic similarities to beloved fast-food stop In-n-Out. CaliBurger currently uses a robotic creation called Flippy, which can grill 150 burgers per hour.

2. He’s a nice guy:

An E! insider reveals, “He’s a good guy and it’s been nice [for Garner] to date someone who is not famous or an actor. They’ve spent time at her house and have gone out a few time to hotels and other very discreet places."

3. He and Garner have the same taste in baby names:

E! News reveals that the pair has a lot of similarities. “She’s found she has a lot in common with him and they have been through similar experiences with getting divorce and co-parenting,” sources say. “He has a daughter named Violet as well.”

4. He's a technically a married man:

While John may have split from his wife of nine years, Caroline Campbell, in 2014, he is still legally married. The estranged couple, who have two children together, have yet to make their separation official but Us Weekly reports that they are waiting for a judge to sign off on their divorce paperwork.

5. He’s already met Garner's kids:

Sources tell Us Weekly that the actress has already introduced John to her daughters, Violet, 12, and Seraphina, 9, and her 6-year-old son Samuel.

If Jen’s happy, we're happy.