Jennifer Garner Just Proved a Subtle Hair Change Can Make a Big Difference

Jennifer Garner
Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

There's no right or wrong way to get over a mid-season slump, but judging by how many celebs have been visiting the salon in recent weeks, they're getting through the dog days of summer by dramatically changing their hair.

So far, Zendaya dyed her hair super red, Sandra Bullock got the perfect lob, and Chrissy Teigen went from rich brunette to buttery blonde. While big hair makeovers seem to be a summer trend in Hollywood, stars like Jennifer Garner are the exception.

Instead of cutting off a ton of length or going lighter with her color, Garner simply freshened up her signature look by getting a trim and golden highlights. The actress' colorist Tracey Cunningham confirmed Garner's hair change with Refinery29, stating that she paid a visit to Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills last week to get a gloss and highlight touch-up.

Jennifer Garner Highlights

While completely changing your hair is exciting, there's something to be said for knowing what look works for you and owning it. And that's exactly Garner's approach to her beauty routine. When it comes to following beauty and wellness trends, she previously told InStyle that she's "pretty much the least trendiest person you've ever met." So don't expect her to go full-on blonde or try pastel pink hair any time soon.

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Garner's dedication to her signature bronde hair color throughout the years is exactly why she's continues to be hair inspo for brunettes getting highlights in salons across the country.

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