The Secret to Jennifer Garner's Easy Beachy Waves Is In Your Kitchen

This trick is genius.

No matter the occasion, Jennifer Garner always shows up with a down-to-earth effortless beauty look that seems easy enough to do yourself. This includes the loose beachy waves you've seen her wear on the red carpet — that is, with a few tips from Garner's go-to hairstylist Adir Abergel.

Like the rest of us, Garner is currently quarantining at home and missing her hairstylist hard. So she's making up for lost time with video calls. Ahead of a video appearance on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show: At Home, Garner FaceTimed Abergel for a consultation on how to style her own beachy waves in time to call into the show.

Abergel walked Garner through a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the style at home, and luckily, the actress captured the entire call and posted it on Instagram for her followers.

First, the stylist instructed the Virtue Labs ambassador to scrunch her hair from the bottom up, using a tissue or paper towel to absorb the excess water from her hair — without creating frizz.

Next, Garner warmed up a dollop of Virtue Labs 6-in-1 Styler cream in her hands and scrunched it into her mid-lengths and ends for extra hydration. Then she followed up with Virtue Labs Healing Oil to boost shine. After drying her hair with a diffuser, she also used a curling iron to touch up any waves. And just like that, Garner was Zoom call ready.

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"By the way, how have we never talked about this before?," Garner asked Abergel in the post, referring to their 20-year working relationship.

Honestly, we're wondering the exact same thing. However, there's no better time than now to drop this DIY tutorial.

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