Jennifer Garner Turned a Moving Walkway Into Her Own Ballet Stage

The actress pulled off a one-woman show at SFO.

The next time you head out to the San Francisco International Airport, you may want to keep an eye out for Jennifer Garner.

The actress may be found hitting the moving walkway pulling off some sweet moves you wouldn't have expected. In fact, that's exactly what happened when Garner headed out to the airport recently – she gave SFO passengers a front-row seat to her one-woman ballet show.

Garner posted a video to her Instagram account showing off some seriously impressive ballet moves while traversing a moving walkway. That's right, while most of us are scrambling just to get our luggage in order and keep out of everyone else's way, Garner was making her time at SFO a veritable performance.

"I've been working on my #Giselle. Is this right, Cindy?" the actress captioned her clip. "Thinking of all of you at @abtofficial. Sending healing love to @mistyonpointe. Merde to @isabellaboylston, @stellaabreradetsky, @skylarbrandt, @heeseoabt, @gillianemurphy, @sarahlaneofficial AND everyone else! (Hi, @jamesbwhiteside) ♥"

The clip, as Garner's caption revealed, was created in a bid to send her "healing love" to ballerina Misty Copeland, who announced recently that she is no longer playing the role of Giselle with the American Ballet Theater following an injury.

Garner herself is actually an avid ballet fan and has been a supporter of the American Ballet Theater for some time. She's also been known to partake in a few ballet-related dance workouts over the years. But it's highly unlikely anyone traveling through SFO thought they'd see the actress breaking out her moves right in the middle of the airport.

That's Jen for you, though – entertaining everywhere she goes.

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