Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fisher Makes Her New York Fashion Week Debut

Jennifer Fisher - Lead
Photo: David X Prutting/

Last night jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher made her much-talked-about debut at New York Fashion Week. She described her Spring 2016 collection as "circular" and "feminine." “I wanted to make it a little less geometric than normal,” she said. The offering was replete with statement chokers, chunky cuffs, and her ever-popular chain necklaces. Each piece of her collection works interchangeably together, she explained, “things could be mixed and matched.”

Jennifer Fisher - Embed
David X Prutting/

Unlike any normal jewelry presentation though, where the pieces sit stagnant, Fisher wanted to bring her collection to life by implementing custom installations that would rise and fall. Drawing inspiration from arcade trips with her children, the set up was inspired by the game Whac-A-Mole. Thanks to the interactive format, guests eagerly tried to snap pictures of the covetable items before they went back into hiding.

Jennifer Fisher - Embed 2
David X Prutting/
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