Is This How Jennifer Aniston Prepped for Her Wedding Day?

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In case you missed it, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux tied the knot on Wednesday evening. We weren't the only ones shocked to hear the big news, People magazine reported that even their wedding guests were surprised, and were told they were attending a birthday celebration.

Well, there's one thing we know for sure that wasn't a surprise: Aniston's impeccable preparation for the big day. After all, this is #fitspo queen Jennifer Aniston we're talking about here. She was engaged to Theroux for over three years, and every girl knows how important it is that you spend the days leading up to your "I do" as healthily as possible. We have been privy to Aniston's beauty and fitness routine over the years (she is a six-time InStyle cover girl) and while we can't say so for sure, we can take a guess at how Aniston prepped for the special occasion. And so herewith, Aniston's go-to routine and how she likely geared up for the memorable moment.

What Did She Eat?
Smoothies are a staple for the newlywed. So, it would only make sense that the bride started her day off with a healthy mix. To get that extra glow before the wedding Aniston may have enjoyed one of her go-to smoothie recipes that includes trace mineral drops.

What Beauty Products Did She Use?
Although her natural smoothie is a perfect supplement to improve the skin, we know Aniston can't live without six specific beauty products. She confessed to InStyle that she's been using Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer for years, and the other items have been game-changers that she just can't live without.

How Did She Wear Her Hair?
As for her hair, we all know Aniston's honey blonde strands are iconic. We're sure her hair looked better than ever thanks to her hairstylist of over twenty years, Chris McMillan. He really knows how to work his way around a brush, and he showed us Aniston's routine in a detailed blowout tutorial video.

What Color Dress Did She Wear?
The most important element that almost certainly wasn't spur of the moment had to be her dress. Over the years, Aniston has taught us the power of a little black dress, so there's a chance she ditched the classic white gown for an non-traditional chic frock. But then again, this couple seems to love surprising us, so Aniston might have strayed from her usual LBDs. It looks like we'll just have to wait for the pictures to see what color the bride went with.

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