Jennifer Aniston: Stuntwoman?

Photo: Dave Allocca/AP photo

When it came to playing a bail-jumping journalist in her new movie The Bounty Hunter, Jennifer Aniston insisted on keeping things real. The actress chose to wear actual handcuffs instead of props—even if it left her wrists black and blue with bruises! "They did a lot of their own [stunts]. She wears cuffs for half of the film. She wanted to wear the real ones to keep things authentic...her wrists were the color of my [navy blue] suit!" director Andy Tennant told us at the film's N.Y.C. premiere last night. Aniston's bruised wrists didn't deter costar Gerard Butler from getting in on the action. "I love doing my own stunts," he said. "It keeps the adrenaline going and I love the action of it. You don't know whether you're going to die or pull it off. It's great!"

Enid Portuguez, with reporting by Nakisha Williams

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