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When Rachel met Rachel.

Vanessa Bayer's Saturday Night Live impression of Rachel Green from Friends has been a fan-favorite in the year of ’90s television reboots, but Jennifer Aniston isn’t so impressed. The real Friends castmember, 47, stopped by the show with a few critiques for her Office Christmas Party costar.

“Friends was like five million and five years ago, so I think we just got to move on,” Aniston suggested to Bayer, who was dressed head to toe as Rachel to talk about the influx of television nostalgia during “Weekend Update.”

Bayer, 35, felt that she couldn’t give up the “great bit.”

The duo then launch into a flurry of confused Rachel sounds, causing Aniston to give up and invite Bayer to grab nachos after the show. They then use the power of the Friends time jump to get their snack—and confuse co-host Colin Jost.

The arguing was just for show, of course, as Bayer shared a shot of herself holding hands with Aniston backstage.

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