Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her New Brunette Lob, Plus Get Her Coolest Hair Trick

Jennifer Aniston has switched up her look! The celebrity face and co-owner of Living Proof, who chatted with InStyle last week about her biggest hair risks of all time, has dyed her locks brown and chopped her hair into an on-trend lob, joining the likes of Pippa Middleton and even our own InStyle staffer by getting the popular cut.

With an impressive film and TV resume under her belt, Aniston has been on her fair share of sets, and has picked up a number of hair and makeup tips along the way. When we asked the star to reveal the coolest one she has learned so far, she revealed an amazing tip that gives the term "beauty sleep" a literal meaning. "I love to wash my hair the night before, take it into two ponytails, twist each one into a bun, and go to sleep. You can also braid them before putting them in buns if you want a little more texture," she tells "The next day when it's dry, it has a nice wave to it, and you don't have to use curling irons or any of that stuff." Heat styling on the set can take a toll on hair, so on her days off, Aniston likes to give her strands a little TLC. "I use Living Proof's Restore Mask ($42; every Sunday and give my hair a little rehabilitation after the week," she says. "Days off are just about not doing anything, putting my hair into a ponytail, and Restore Mask-ing whenever I can. The tricks I've learned aren't usually what to do when you're working—they're about how to keep your hair healthy when you aren't!"

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