Rachel Green - LEAD 
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Happy birthday, Jennifer Aniston! The Friends alum turns 49 years old today, and long before Modern Family's Haley Dunphy was our ditsy doppelganger, Rachel Green was our '90s spirit animal.

Below, 13 times the Friends squad member was basically all of us trying to navigate life in the real world.

1. When you have to pretend to like sports:

2. When your so-called friend is finally leaving the building:

3. When you don’t know what to do with your hands:

4. When someone asks why you thought three mimosas at brunch was a good idea:

5. When you can’t come up with a good comeback:

6. When the football game you thought would never end is finally over:

7. When you had one too many vodka sodas before getting ready to go out:

8. When you’re trying to guilt trip your friend into coming to the bathroom with you:

9. When all of your friends are coupled up on Valentine’s Day:

10. When you and your best friend are so close, this isn't an insult:

11. When you forgot to sign up for spin class and now it’s all filled up:

12. When this whole adulting thing is hard:

13. When you just turned 49 and you look more incredible than ever:

Happy birthday, Jen!