When Jennifer Aniston steps on screen, it kind of feels like we know her. Maybe it's her work as Rachel Green from Friends that helps make her so endearing, but we think her personality actually has more to do with it. Aniston is smart, friendly, savvy, and, importantly, she knows her worth. Aniston is consistently one of the highest earning actresses in Hollywood, which is a testament to her work ethic and mile-long IMDb page.

In fact, according to Forbes by the time the show's final season hit airwaves, Aniston was earning $1.25 million per episode of Friends, which even today is virtually unheard of.

Jennifer Aniston net worth lead
Credit: Mike Windle

With all this in mind, it's not a total shocker then that Aniston's net worth is about $200 million, as reported by Forbes in 2017. This easily made her one of America's richest female entertainers of that entire year.

Her acting career has contributed to that substantially — Forbes reports that her career pre-tax earnings are about $400 million, a chuck of which comes, of course, from Friends — but these days, it's actually her endorsements that net her the most money annually (thanks, Smartwater!)

Not bad at all.