Jennifer Aniston is back with another amazing ad for Emirates airline, and this one starts off a little more in her favor than her last commercial for the airline—you know, the one that began with her wandering around in a bathrobe searching hopelessly for a shower on a non-Emirates flight. Gold. This latest ad begins with Aniston stepping out of an in-flight shower and blow drying her famous blonde locks. After she's looking flawless once again, the actress heads back to her seat to find that an unexpected visitor has commandeered her luxury first-class suite.

"Well, hello. Can I help you, sir?" she asks the adorable little boy who's flying a toy airplane around her suite. He confidently informs her that he's about to begin his journey back—to his mom and dad, that is.

"What do you say I be your copilot?" the 47-year-old asks him, to which he excitedly agrees.

"My name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Jen," Aniston whispers in his ear while running hurriedly behind him down an aisle. "My name is Cooper, but you can call me Coop," he replies.

The pair stops at the bar to refuel with carrot juice because, as he informs her, he'll need good eyesight in order to become a pilot when he grows up.

After exploring the plane a little bit together, they arrive back at his seat with his family in economy. Determined to stick out the rest flight with her little pilot, Aniston switches seats with his mom, who happily takes up residence in her first-class suite.

"When I'm a pilot, you'll be able to fly around the world even faster," Cooper tells her as they play video games in their seats. "Oh, that's a shame," Aniston replies. "It's so nice up here."