Jennifer Aniston Talks Raising Chickens: "We Eat the Eggs Every Day"

Jennifer Aniston - Oscars 2015
Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images

It's no secret that many of Hollywood's heavy-hitters aren't above raising livestock in their backyards. From Gisele Bündchen to Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, these high-profile celebs are bringing the term "farm-to-table" to a whole new level by raising chickens at home. And now, the soon-to-be Mrs. Theroux is opening up to People about her—wait for it—17 chickens.

"We attempted to [name our chickens], but there are 17 of them now. We did get two baby chicks as a gift named Justin and Jen. I've lost track because they all look alike," Aniston says in the newest issue of the magazine, available now. So what do she and her fiancé, Justin Theroux, make with all their chicken eggs? "We use the eggs every day. We make frittatas, carbonara. Justin makes great pasta. I use the eggs in my salad or for snacks. They taste delicious!"

But this isn't the first time Aniston has opened up about her flock of hens. Watch the video below to see her talk about them with Conan O'Brien:

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