Jennifer Aniston Tuned into Ex-Boyfriend John Mayer's Instagram Live

Who among us hasn't lurked on an ex's Instagram?

If, like us, you're weeks into self-isolation, looking for things to fill your day, you might find yourself tuning into all the Instagram Live sessions running across your feed — even your ex's. It might be comforting to know that even Jennifer Aniston is not immune to the curiosity of what an ex is doing on IG Live, since she tuned into ex-boyfriend John Mayer's session over the weekend (and even left a comment).

Over the weekend, Mayer did a Live session in which he discussed meeting late singer Bill Withers, who passed away last week at the age of 81.

"Whether he was speaking to you or speaking to an interviewer 15 years ago, 14, 13 years ago, everything he said is useful," he said about Withers.

"Four percent of the things that I say are useful. One hundred percent of the things he said were useful," he said, prompting Aniston to comment three laughing emojis on the livestream.

Aniston and Mayer began dating after they met at an Oscars party in 2008. They split up before reuniting in 2009, and broke up again that year.

Earlier this year, they were reportedly spotted leaving the same restaurant "moments apart" from each other, though it wasn't clear if they had dined together. Still, this comment on his livestream seems to prove that they're on friendly terms, even if he did once compare ending things with her to burning the American flag.

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