Jennifer Aniston on What She Thinks Central Perk Would Look Like Today

It's safe to say that Jennifer Aniston has a love-hate relationship with technology. The actress sat down with Thrive Global founder and CEO Arianna Huffington for the premiere episode of The Thrive Global Podcast with iHeartRadio. The topic at hand? Unplugging.

Aniston, 48, is understandably troubled by human interaction in the smartphone age.

"We were jokingly saying that if Friends was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into iPhones," Aniston says. "There would be no actual episodes or conversations."

It's a funny thought, but it's not all that far-fetched. "This is a really interesting time to be asking questions and trying to figure out where do we go before we get too far down the wormhole that we just can't get ourselves out of," she adds.

Aniston admits that although she uses plenty of technology, she also tries to set boundaries, and limits her time staring surfing the web. "There's enough written about me out there and enough that's not true," she says. "Look, the mystery of who you are as an actor is already been sort of taken from you. This is the one place I actually have that is protected and mine."

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She says that when she starts the day on her phone instead of meditating, she can't pull herself away from it. "And even if you do, it's half-assed," she says. "You're kind of there, kind of not, and I'm not getting the benefits of what I could be getting that I usually do."

To find out more about how Aniston fights the urge of technology, her full episode of the Thrive Global Podcast is available here.

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