Jennifer Aniston Says a Friends Reunion Is Possible and Thinks "It's Wonderful"

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One of Ellen DeGeneres’s nearest and dearest celebrity friends Jennifer Aniston appeared on the comedian’s titular show for her special 60th birthday episode airing on Friday.

DeGeneres, eager to prove that she and Jen are closer friends than Aniston and her recent co-star Reese Witherspoon, delved into their long history together.

Jen revealed that they first met at Ellen’s birthday party more than 20 years prior. “I idolized you,” the Friends alum told the host, “I’d never seen humor like that. You hit my funny bone like no one else.”

She and DeGeneres kept a lot of mutual friends through the '90s, many of whom were lesbians, and Aniston shared that she thought that led to the public questioning her sexuality at times. “I do think there was a moment where people might’ve not known if I was possibly on your team or not … " Jen told Ellen.

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“I think a lot of people just had crushes on you so they were hoping,” DeGeneres told her. Watch their conversation in the video at top.

After their brief trip down memory lane, Aniston filled the audience in on some details about her upcoming Apple TV series with Witherspoon.

“It sort of takes place behind the scenes in the New York media world—the morning talk shows and all that fun—sort of ripe at the moment,” she explained. “ … And the competition and everything that goes on behind those scenes, which has been quite enlightening.

While discussing the actress’s return to television, Ellen was quick to broach the buzzy topic of a possible Friends reunion. Many of her castmates have been quick to shut down reboot rumors, but Jen played her cards carefully in her response.

“Anything is a possibility, Ellen. Anything,” Aniston told the birthday girl. “George Clooney got married. That’s like, anything can happen … I think it’s wonderful.”

Cue your intro claps, Friends fans—we have hope.

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