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Jennifer Aniston Fragrance - Lead
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The idea of hanging with Jennifer Aniston at the beach with a mimosa in hand may be a pipe dream, but her latest fragrance could be the next best option—that is, until we reach BFF status with the star. Appropriately titled Beachscape, the scent is a nod to those calm seaside mornings, mixing aquatic notes with light florals. "I wanted to create a fragrance that captured the feeling when you wake up at the beach feeling relaxed and refreshed," Aniston tells InStyle. "There is nothing more serene than the ocean at the beginning of a new day."

Jennifer Aniston Fragrance - Embed
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Chalk it up to her California upbringing or her Aquarian traits, but Aniston seems to have a pretty special connection with the ocean. The three scents she rolled out beforehand are all pretty beach-centric, so Beachscape serves as the kickoff to a well-rounded day at the shore. "It's a fresher floral compared to my previous fragrances. It still gives off that beach vibe, but is more feminine," she explains. "The creative process is always fun—I love smelling all the different elements and testing out what scents work well together. The passion fruit and ginger lily notes are my favorites." Thanks to the heady sandalwood, it's also a fragrance that can be worn year-round. After all, it's what Jennifer herself does. Score a bottle for $39 at kohls.com right now.