Jennifer Aniston Laughs Off Her Very Public Fashion Faux Pas

Jennifer Aniston Lead
Photo: NCP/Star Max/GC Images

Jimmy Kimmelsurprised talk show guest Jennifer Aniston on Thursday with a photo of the star looking gorgeous in a Céline coat. The catch? She’d left the price tags on.

The Friends alum laughed off her fashion misstep, admitting that this wasn’t even the first time she wore the item: “I’ve worn this coat about four times,” Aniston said, “It was gifted to me from a commercial that I had just shot, and so I kind of wore it home … I didn’t think about it at all, to be honest. And then, yeah, four wears later and this happened.”

After Aniston finished explaining, Kimmel jokingly accused the star of shoplifting, which she of course denied. Though the jacket incident was a simple mistake, Aniston later shared that when it comes to theft, her record isn’t entirely clean … Eight-year-old Jen was a bead thief.

“I was with my friend Monique, and we weren’t with our parents at 8-years-old, so that tells you a lot,” Aniston said, “We thought we were awesome. We came home and we laid them all out, thinking about all the necklaces we’d make, and then her mom walks in. I mean, we weren’t hiding it. We weren’t smart thieves. So then we had to go back and return the beads.”

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The silver lining to Aniston's brush with crime? The actress’s experience set her straight: “It never happened again,” she told Kimmel.

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