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Jennifer Aniston is doing just fine, thanks for your concern. Despite the social media firestorm that ensued in the wake of her split from longtime beau Justin Theroux, the actress, who is no stranger to public breakups, is taking her latest one in stride.

When we spoke to Aniston recently, she spoke excitedly about her latest project, which gives her plenty of opportunities to spend time with her girlfriends post-breakup.To the delight of Friends fans everywhere, she'll be reuniting with her former co-star and pal Reese Witherspoon—who played her sister on the hit series—on a not-yet-titled morning show drama for Apple TV.

"It's exciting to be on the the verge of something new and wonderfully creative," Aniston said of the show, before the news of her uncoupling broke but after she and Theroux reportedly separated last year. "That's what I'm really looking forward to this year: waking up and going to work every day on a job that I feel really passionate about. This [show] is a wonderful way to create another family and be involved on a level that, at this point in both of our careers, we've been chomping at the bit."

Jennifer Aniston Reese Witherspoon 
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In the current political climate, the upcoming show seems incredibly timely, too. "When I turn on the TV, it's just writing itself," Aniston said. "It's quite a time to be a woman and to be alive."

Aniston also credits her girlfriends for her partnership with the dry-eye disease awareness campaign Eyelove. "I was talking with my girlfriends, sharing tips about what's new, and told them about dry eye," she said of how she got involved. "Honestly, I didn't even know dry eye was a thing until Bobbi Brown asked me if I had any bad habits, and, as she asked me the question, I was putting in eye drops for the fifth time in the span of one hour."

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Aniston obviously knows a thing or two about how to take care of herself, and she's more than willing to dole out anti-aging tips to those outside her inner circle. "I love being healthy," she said. "So many wonderful discoveries have been made for our health, whether it's our mindful health, our physical health, or our spiritual health. I'm big on trying to live a very prosperous, buoyant life. I love sharing [what I know]—it's like an extended version of my girlfriends on a Friday night."

Count us in on the next girls' night.