Jennifer Aniston
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There are certain truths in life that cannot be disputed—the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, water boils at 212 degrees fahrenheit, and Jennifer Aniston will forever have the most perfect hair on the planet. Even mid-coffee run, her blowout stays flawless, so we figured the star would probably know a thing or two about keeping the style intact, especially considering she likes to keep the heat styling pretty minimal in the days following a salon appointment. "I pretty much don't mess with my hair, I try to leave it alone as much as possible to keep it healthy. One thing I always love to do is take it in sections and twist it into a bun, which is good for adding controlled texture and a little curl," she says. "If you have any kinks in your hair that formed in the night while you sleep, wet your fingers and take a blow-dryer to just those sections." The star also gets by with a little help from Living Proof's new Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($22;

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"I've always shied away from most dry shampoos because when I use them, it makes me feel like I've loaded on more dirt, and the next day feels even worse," she tells us. "The incredible thing about this one is that instead of adding more buildup and dirt, it helps to absorb all of that, and actually cleans your scalp. Once you put it on, wait 30 seconds, and brush it out, it's like you have a freshly-cleaned head of hair." For extra insurance, she'll add a few pumps of the Nightcap treatment ($28; before winding her strands into a top knot to amp up shine and add subtle texture. "The last thing you want to do is spend more time styling it, not to mention the wear and tear too much heat can cause." Amen, sister.