Jeanette McCurdy
Credit: WireImage via Getty

Just in time for your holiday weekend TV viewing, Netflix is releasing the first episode of its latest original series, Between, available today. The sci-fi thriller follows the residents of a small town struck by a disease that kills everyone over the age of 22. Heavy stuff, you say? The leading lady, Jennette McCurdy, best known for her roles on Nickelodeon's iCarly and Sam & Cat, thinks so too—and that's exactly what attracted her to the role.

"It's definitely a huge transition for me," the 22-year-old actress told InStyle. "When I finished working on Sam & Cat, I felt like that phase of my career where I was making shows for a younger audience had come to an end. I was looking for something geared towards a more mature viewer, and when Netflix came to me with Between, I felt passionate about the storyline and was ready to move forward."

So what can you expect from the show, which will be released in six weekly episodes? According to McCurdy, don't get too comfortable on your couch: "Be prepared to jump a lot!"