Watch Jenna Dewan's Exact Workout for Rock-Hard Abs and Toned Arms

Jenna Dewan has had an intense few months, splitting with her long-time husband Channing Tatum and dealing with an overwhelming volume of fan reactions when they finally broke the news on social media. But if there’s one thing that’s been consistent in her life, it’s her love of working out—and fitting in those gym sessions even late at night.

Dewan shared a video of her 10 p.m. workout with JJ Dancer, a personal trainer and choreographer, to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, and despite the late hour, she was lifting some serious weight.

Her warm-up consisted of jumping on a trampoline (and throwing in some dance moves for fun), but that’s just about the only cardio Dewan did at the gym that day. Instead, her workout consisted mostly of strength training, repeating sets of 8 to 12 reps for 3 or 4 times.

Wearing a My Sister "Year of the Woman" tee ($34; and leggings, Dewan went on to explain each exercise as she did it, starting with barbell hip thrusts that work your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. While it might look like she was going easy with 35-pound weights, take into account that there was one on either side of the bar. That, combined with the weight of the bar itself, adds up to a cool 100 pounds sitting on your hips as you thrust them in the air time and time again. At the end of a set, she held up the bar and pulsed for one last push before finding release by lowering her hips to the ground.

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Next up were yoga ball tuck ups to work her abs and shoulders. With her hands on the ground, she placed her feet on an exercise ball, and for each rep she brought her knees to her chest and piked her butt up in the air. Talk about serious upper body strength. If that weren’t challenging enough, Dewan transitioned right into slow and controlled hanging tuck ups, hanging from a bar as she brought her knees into her chest.

Giving her abs a bit of a rest, Dewan next did one-arm dumbbell rows, keeping her hips and shoulders facing the ground as she pulled the weight up to her chest, presumably switching arms after she completed her intended amount of reps.

Barbell lunges and dead lifts were next up, and the star started out with low weights to perfect her form before easing up to a heavier weight. She balanced the bar across her shoulders while stepping back into lunges, and then lifted it up from the ground for her dead lifts, keeping her back slightly arched.

To finish up, she also does some of her “Jenna squats,” which is essentially just her twerking. Once a dancer, always a dancer, right?

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