Jenna Dewan Tatum Is Being Mom-Shamed for Posting This Racy Photo

In the age of social media, it can be hard to be in the spotlight—especially if you're constantly having your parental skills questioned and critiqued.

Everyone from Molly Sims to Kim Kardashian West has been the target of heated comments directly related to parenting—otherwise known as mom-shaming—and it seems that few stars are exempt. Jenna Dewan Tatum proved that to be true earlier this week after she posted a cheeky booty pic to Instagram and inadvertently ignited a comment section war.

In the photo, Tatum bared her behind in lingerie while on a balcony. The 'gram had nothing to do with her daughter or her husband Channing Tatum, but you'd think otherwise if you scrolled through the comments.

"Not all of us that work hard for our bodies and have it in shape have the Need to do this!" one wrote. "It's not 'jealousy' it's called self respect! Specially when you have children that you have to set examples for."

"You post what you want. You look great. But for someone who is so concerned about their daughter's privacy that they don't want pictures of their face on the internet (I get it), why would you post pictures of your bare bum on here?" said another.

"A woman who shows her body this way shows that she needs validation and is looking for attention that isn't given at home. That's my honest opinion," someone else wrote. "Please wear clothing next time and dress accordingly, and leave for Channing's eyes what belongs to him alone."

Newsflash judgmental commenters: You can be sexy and be a mom and wife. Those things are not mutually exclusive, and let's be honest, they never will be.

The bright side of all of this? There has been an influx of equally positive and supportive comments since people caught wind of the harsh critiques. While Tatum hasn't responded directly to the negativity, she did post an inspirational quote after her post had been up for a few hours, and it's a good rule of thumb.

"To all the strong women out there," she wrote. "May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them♥ Rise above judgment and step into love."

Keep doing your thing, Jenna.

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