Jenna Dewan Posted a Cryptic Message After Her Last Instagram with Channing Tatum

Fans were shocked when Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced their separation on Monday night, but if we’d been paying close attention to their Instagram accounts, maybe it wouldn’t have come as such a surprise.

Channing’s last Instagram with Jenna in it was from her birthday on Dec. 4, where he praised his “love” for her “transformation” in the past year. “Your strength and grace ever evolving. By doing so you make everything around you grow—everything. And I am so very grateful for your lessons,” he wrote.

This certainly plays into the reports that these two have grown apart over the last 12 months, considering he mentioned his wife’s transformation. “This has been a long time coming,” a source told People. “Like any marriage, they’ve had their ups and downs over the years but they really started to grow apart within the last year.”

Multiple sources confirmed to the outlet that the couple has been separated for months, and Tatum moved out of their house long before they announced the split.

As for Jenna, her Instagram account is equally telling. Recently, she’s shared quite a few quote posts that seem to hint at something being off in her relationship.

“Life doesn’t just ‘happen’ to you. It’s here for you,” she wrote alongside one from March 28. And a week earlier, she shared another inspirational post that tells us to “breathe before it’s gone,” possibly hinting at the end of her marriage.

But in my opinion, the most telling Instagram post came months earlier, after she shared what would be her last photo with her husband, Channing. The mom shared a picture of her and Channing dressed as Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas for a day of trick-or-treating with their daughter Everly. And the very next day, Nov. 1, she shared a telling post.

“Ok bear with me- Had a dream last night- woke up and wrote it all down while still half asleep and I felt the total urge to share in case someone else needs this message today,” she wrote.

“It’s easy to close down, hide, and become pessimistic when disappointments happen. To protect the heart and regroup is a natural human mind perception to heal. BUT the real courageous thing to do, the real powerful healing occurs when you choose to open and open some more in the face of pain. THAT is courageous. That’s where the entry point to all the goodness you seek is. That’s the turning point.”

Hm, all this talk about “disappointments” after what we know was a day with her husband is quite interesting. While we’ll never know for sure if she was talking about Channing in her post, we know that there were definitely hints that not all was well in their relationship.

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