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Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are passing their love of spontaneous dancing on to their little one. The couple got together on the set of 2006's Step Up, which featured the duo getting down to the music at any chance they got. It seems that their 3-year-old daughter, Everly, has inherited that dancing gene.

“The girl loves a good dance party,” Danskin’s new ambassador Dewan Tatum tells InStyle. “If we watch a movie in our family room, anytime there’s a song in the movie—opening credits, end credits, throughout the movie—Evie thinks it’s a dance party time. I would say most of the dance parties happen in the family room, spontaneously, during movie time.”

While Evie loves to boogie, she’s not so into dance classes just yet. “We took her to one dance class. I think she’s just a little too young. Everly is a total free spirit, likes to do things her own way, and was not so into following the class,” Mom jokes. “We took a break. What I didn’t want to happen was her to feel any sort of pressure around it, so I said, we’ll revisit it at some other time, and if she wants to, great, and if she doesn’t, that’s great too. I want her to find something that she loves. It doesn’t have to be something that I love too.”

Luckily for Dewan Tatum, she has already found that shared passion with her husband, Channing: The couple is always the first to hit the dance floor at InStyle’s annual Golden Globes party. “We go to the InStyle party and generally the DJ plays either a Michael Jackson song or some '90s hip-hop song that I actually can’t resist and then I’m on the dance floor. And then I make Channing come onto the dance floor,” she tells us.

“Hollywood parties are stuffy, but we make them fun. We just decide that if we’re going to be out, we’re going to be having fun," she says. "We love to dance. We’re just going to make it a good party.”

Another occasion where they tore things up on the dance floor was their 2009 wedding, where they danced to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for their first song. “We were at dinner one night and somebody said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is a great song. It would be so beautiful to dance to at a wedding.’ And then we kind of listened to it and were like, 'Oh, we love this song. We should do that. We should use this song when we get married.'”

“The lyrics are actually quite deep, and we got engaged in Hawaii and there was also a connection because [Kamakawiwo’ole] is Hawaiian,” she said.

If this couple isn’t #RelationshipGoals, we don’t know what is.