By Isabel Jones
Updated Mar 26, 2018 @ 9:00 am

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum will forever be our epitome of #couplegoals. They’re both gorgeous, successful, completely in love, and best of all, committed to providing their 4-year-old daughter a normal and (somewhat) paparazzi-free upbringing.

If you follow Jenna on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Everly—though not all of her. The Tatums have long been careful to conceal their daughter’s identity, sharing moments from their family life on social media without ever completely revealing Everly’s face.

That being said, we do get to see her artistry on some other familiar faces …

On Saturday, however, the couple embarked on a major milestone for their daughter, bringing her to her first public event, and a fitting one at that: The Kids’ Choice Awards!

Everly Tatum Embed
Credit: Chris Polk/KCA2018/Getty Images

Mom’s adorable date lived out every kid’s dream: watching her father get pelted by snow on national television. (Hey, Gen Z, is snow the new slime?)

Channing Tatum Embed
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We hope this isn’t the last time we get to see Everly at mom and dad’s side, but as far as firsts go, this is certainly a standout.