I have a major girl crush on Jemima Kirke (I’m gay, so it’s not a crush-crush). I think she’s gorgeous, brilliant, and super funny.

The 32-year-old had a starring role in Girls and most recently dropped a cute line of hand-painted handbags with Hobo. But in the past year, she’s made several cameos in music videos, which in my opinion seemed super random yet damn cool.

She explored the boundaries of gender in Alex Cameron’s “Stranger’s Kiss,” and portrayed a sexy AF vixen in Zayn Malik’s “Dusk Till Dawn” video this past September.

Huh? Jemima Kirke in a Zayn video?

I hit up Kirke for a quick chat and it turns out the cameo really does make sense.

“What the f—! No one has ever asked me about that! Yes, really. And I’m shocked, like, oh gosh, phew, that slipped under the radar,” she told us, thinking no one noticed a major actress from an HBO series starred in a pop star’s video.

So how’d it happen?

“You can imagine. They contacted me … It was a huge commercial opportunity that was not a big investment of my time and it was fun. It was f—ing fun. I always wanted to be a music video girl. Who doesn’t?” she said. “That’s my dream, is to be a music video girl, whether it’s like in the subject of, like, a loving Mariah Carey song or the hot girl in, like, a Poison video. That’s the dream.”

There you go—Zayn, making dreams come true.

Music aside, Kirke also discussed recent sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood, and agreed that they’re a win for women.

“I think it’s awesome, it’s like a science fiction novel. I think it’s so great. I mean I’m really excited about it, and I love that a chain reaction is happening and I believe every single one of these women. And f— it, let it continue,” she said. “It’s not shocking to me, the stories are not shocking to me, what’s shocking to me is that it’s happening in this sort of explosive, condensed way and that’s really exciting to me.”