Gender Bending Jemima Kirke 

You may be hard pressed to separate Jemima Kirke from Jessa on Girls. But make no mistake: the girl can take on any role.

She’s reminded us of that with the release of Alex Cameron’s new music video for “Stranger’s Kiss,” a duet with Angel Olsen. Directed by Kirke herself, the video finds the actress in front of a mirror, slicking her hair back and dressing herself in jeans, a denim jacket, and boots. Throughout the video, she gallivants around New York, jarringly dancing in the streets, and handing out flyers with Cameron’s face on it. She appears to be acting just like him.

So what, exactly, is the point?

Cameron broke it down for The Fader, and it has everything to do with love. “’Stranger’s Kiss is a song about a couple in the midst of a breakup taunting each other with sarcastic advice and threats of despair as they grapple with their new found freedom,” he told the outlet. “The video Jemima wrote and directed brings the tenderness of love within the song to the surface—two people obsessed with who they want to be.”

Kirke eventually finds Cameron in the video, and they dance together next to the tracks of the city subway. The actress naturally shared several tweets showing her excitement for the project.

Watch the full video above.