By Jennifer Davis
Updated Jan 10, 2013 @ 3:00 pm
Jemima Kirke, Zac Posen
Credit: Nicholas Hunt/ USA; Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Like her character Jessa on HBO’s hit show Girls, Jemima Kirke (in a custom-made dress from her mother's fashion line, Geminola), is a fashion free spirit. “Getting dressed is an easy thing,” Kirke told at the season two premiere presented by the Cinema Society in New York City. “People make it really difficult.” It's this nonchalance towards fashion that seems to create her effortless sense of style. "Her style is so diverse that everything feels a little bit different," Girls costume designer Jenn Rogien explained to And Kirke's sartorial confidence can even be traced back as far as high school, when her longtime friend, designer Zac Posen, would make her clothes! “He used to make dresses for the girls he liked in high school, but he would put them together with Velcro as the zipper,” Kirke revealed to reporters. A match made in fashion heaven!