Jeff Goldblum Is Full of Surprises, and So Is This Interview

2018 InStyle Awards - Arrivals
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Jeff Goldblum, actor and apparent jazz musician who likes it when the internet calls him "Zaddy," wasn’t always known for his savvy stylings. However, after a chance encounter with stylist Andrew Vottero, everything changed. Fast forward four years, and the 66-year-old actor is the recipient of InStyle's 2018 Man of Style honor.

We caught up with our honoree at the InStyle Awards on Monday evening and talked all things fashion, music, and his wife Emilie Goldblum, whom he calls “a real work of art.” Here are the five things we learned about the fashionable thesp!

1. He’s married — and obsessed with his wife: The duo tied the knot in 2014, but it’s easy to see that Jeff is just as head-over-heels in love as he was when they were newlyweds. As we asked about his Man of Style title on the black carpet, he credited his ladylove as one of the big reasons for the honor, telling us, “I’m sure much of this attention is because of a reflected glory and elegance from Emilie,” as she stood beaming by his side.

2018 InStyle Awards - Inside
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“She was in the Olympics for Canada,” he continued. “Not only does she have natural lines and grace, but she was in Russia for years in her youth, and turned herself into a work of art. And then she has impeccable taste and self-possession. So I’m sure that had a lot to do with it.”

He went on to repeat all of this again as he accepted the award for Man of Style, adding that she was “gifted from birth with aesthetic lines that are freakishly special," has "impeccable taste with what she wears," and said the way she gave birth to their two children (Charlie, 3, and River, 1) showed “incredible power.”

2. He’s serious about fashion: Goldblum looks at fashion as a creative outlet. “I’ve always loved clothing ... and I wanted to be an actor in the worst way," he said, noting that he often bonded with costume designers first when he found himself on sets. "Finding that perfect shoe that made you feel a certain way, and walking a certain way, I loved it. It became an obsession and a passion,” he said as he accepted his award. He also told us, “I like to dress up, because I’ve got things I need to do. You’ve got to make yourself presentable one way or another. And it feels creative.”

2018 InStyle Awards - Inside
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3. Stylist Andrew Vottero took his style game to a different level: After the duo met four years ago, Vottero helped turn him into an unexpected style star. “I had this photoshoot on another magazine, and he was there,” he told us. “I just had an insatiable appetite to talk about clothes and kind of my closet. I thought they might be a receptive ear, and they knew everything, so I wanted to learn things, and then I said, 'geez, at the end of the shoot, I said, you should come home and see my closet. I’ll try everything on, and you can say which jeans to throw away and all that stuff.' He did, and we did, and and we had a creative collaboration that’s kind of produced this thing.”

4. He’s a jazz musician: Jeff not only is at the top of his fashion game with an incredible acting career to boot, he also is a jazz musician and plays the piano. “I have this album coming out, jazz album,” he told us, before Haley Reinhart, who sings on the album, presented him with his award. She also sang him “Happy Birthday” and gave him a cupcake. Jeff’s debut jazz album, the Capitol Studios Sessions, drops next month.

2018 InStyle Awards - Inside
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5. His love for music also inspires his style: Vottero kept Goldblum’s music background in mind as he transformed his closet after their first meeting. The Jurassic Park star told us the style maven took a look at his closet and said, "let’s replace these three/four things with a suit, because you say you’ve played jazz...and he saw me play." Vottero also pulled out a lookbook that had photos of Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, “people from the 50s, blue note records, and other record covers,” Goldblum added. “He said, maybe there’s something in there. Does that spark? I said, I think it does.”

VIDEO: 2018 Man of Style Jeff Goldblum Acceptance Speech

Then, they headed to Saint Laurent, where Voterro was designing at the time. They tried on suits and started their style relationship. “It’s still evolved and recently broken loose into uncharted territory, what you see before you,” Goldblum said with a smile. “I’m enjoying it.”

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