Jax Taylor Trolled Kourtney Kardashian's Ex

Reality TV may seem manufactured, but when shows collide, it's almost too real. According to The Cut, Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor — the man behind the bar for those unfamiliar with Lisa Vanderpump's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spin-off — worked out next to Kourtney Kardashian's ex, Younes Bendjima. While the encounter probably won't make it onto an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Taylor documented the entire thing via Instagram Stories.

A Jax Taylor gym selfie is nothing new, but thanks to a Kardashian-adjacent cameo, something that happens on the regular got an E!-approved upgrade. In the photo, Taylor's posing in the mirror (nothing unusual about that) and Bendjima can be seen just a few feet away. Neither of them is actually working out, which should be a red flag to anyone familiar with the gym, but more importantly, Taylor knew exactly who he was with.

Jax Taylor Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
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"When Kourtney Kardashian dumps you and you have to slum it like the rest of us at a normal gym. No more figi [sic] diamond water either. Got to drink that smart water now," he captioned the image.

Jax Taylor Instagram Younes

But he could be confusing diamond water with another Bravo franchise. Diamond Water is actually from another Bravo series, Shahs of Sunset. Created by Asa Soltan Rahmati, it's supposed to be a 9.5-pH alkaline water that gets infused with "Love Energy" through an ancient ritual. Minor detail, but who can blame him? With all the reality TV out there, it's easy to mix up the Shahs, the Kardashians, and the Pump staffers.

While the entire situation isn't sanctioned by either E! or Bravo and its mighty leader Andy Cohen, Taylor was simply doing what comes naturally to someone accustomed to living every waking moment with a camera crew present. Just because the official lenses aren't around doesn't mean the action stops. Seeing just one episode of Real Housewives, with frequent clandestine camera-phone footage, is all it takes to learn the ropes of reality, be it on TV or not.

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