And it honestly sounds perfect for him.

Many of us have seen our lives change drastically as social distancing measures have expanded, and Jason Momoa is no different.

The actor joined a video call with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday, and filled her in on what he's been up to in quarantine with wife Lisa Bonet and their children, 12-year-old Lola and 11-year-old Nakoa-Wolf.

"You’re the one guy who would be prepared to be quarantined because you have a fun house," DeGeneres said.

"I do, we’ve had a really nice time," Momoa replied. “There’s a lot of things, we’ve got skateboard ramps, climbing walls, throwing tomahawks and shooting bow and arrows. We have a little bit of space, so I feel very thankful.

He added that since his kids have been home from school, he's found a new job: P.E. coach.

"Thank god they have their teachers and much respect because it’s kind of [over my head] for me," he said. “I’m like the P.E. coach, like ‘Get your ass outside!’ You want to go rock climb, skateboard, that’s about it."

Honestly, P.E. teacher seems like a perfect profession for someone with Momoa's action star creds. Who better to teach you to swim than Aquaman himself?

Plus, the silver lining of the situation, he says, is that he gets to be home with his family — a rare occurence.

"I think [my kids] are really loving it, they’re loving having me home and we’re having a great time," he said. "We’re just getting around like everybody else is."