Jared Leto - Suicide Squad - The Joker
Credit: Kyle Rover/

From Jordan Catalano to the Joker! As soon as we heard that Jared Leto was cast as the Joker in Suicide Squad, the obvious question was posed: Will he dye his luscious, ombré layers green? Leto is certainly one to show commitment to character---he lost almost 40 pounds to play Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, and even wore heels to the set every day to really get into the role.

Along with the signature face paint and colorblocked suit, ivy-tinted strands are a standout element to nailing the Joker's look, so unless the star is planning to don a wig, he may want to lighten up his natural hue before the cameras start rolling. Creative hair colors like green work best on a pale-toned base, and while the shade will definitely show on his flaxen tips, bleaching out the crown and mid-lengths will make the shade more vibrant.

Green hair is definitely a look that will require many touch-ups---rainbow dyes are typically available in semi-permanent forms, which have a larger color molecule that can easily slide out of the hair shaft and fade quickly. "It's for someone who doesn't mind a few trips to the salon, because truthfully, it isn't easy to maintain," celebrity hairstylist Judd Minter, who is responsible for Kelly Osbourne’s lavender locks, previously told InStyle. "Because the shades are so temporary, it's always fun to see the changes that happen with each watch."

For the sake of continuity, we're assuming Leto will want to stay more or less the same tone throughout filming, so Jared, if you're reading this, can we have your phone number? we recommend adding a small amount of lime green Manic Panic to your conditioner to ensure that your neon hue doesn't shift. With the magic that is Photoshop, we just had to see what he'd look like with green hair, and we have to say, he looks just fine either way.