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Jared Leto revealed the latest piece in the Joker puzzle on Tuesday—and it involved a total body transformation.

The 43-year-old actor, who recently unveiled his shocking jade hairstyle for Suicide Squad via SnapChat, appeared to have sculpted some serious muscles to portray the comic book villain. He shared a glimpse at his bulging biceps in a muscle vest in a new Instagram photo:

Jared Leto getting muscly
Credit: Instagram/jaredleto

In preparation for his role as the Joker, Leto shed his signature long tresses, lost his rugged beard, and shaved off his eyebrows—all before turning his hair platinum for the green hue.

It's not the first time that the musician turned actor has bulked up or slimmed down for a role though. He previously described losing about 40 pounds for his Academy Award–winning part as a transgender woman with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club: "It certainly works for me to have a physical commitment. I enjoy the challenge of a physical role."

Suicide Squad hits theaters in August 2016.