See How Jared Leto Looks with Cotton Candy Pink Hair

Jared Leto spotted in Paris
Photo: Splash News

Nicole Richie isn't the only one who has thing for changing up her hair color to technicolor hues. In a head to head, or really hair to hair, face-off, Jared Leto just might give Richie a run for her hair dye. While strolling in Paris, the striking actor and musician debuted slicked back cotton candy strands (while saying goodbye to his acid green Joker hair color he sported for Suicide Squad).

The look didn't stop there.

While models are currently sashaying down the catwalk for Paris Fashion Week, Leto turned the street into his own runway with a head to toe patterned get-up which included a poncho-style tunic. While mere mortals might have looked ridiculous, Leto possibly looked arty. He obviously was feeling the Left Bank vibe when stopping to snap this selfie on the river Seine.

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